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One fact every SEO expert know that content is KING because raking of site depend on it. Creating a engaging content is really a typical task. An experienced content writer charges very high for a quality content which increases ROI. To over comes this problem few developing companies has developed content Spinning or content Rewriting application. Today I will let you know about an applications of this niche i.e WordAi.


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WordAi – A Leader In Content Spinning

Before discussing on WordAi I like to mention some facts. On web, if your aim is to attract and keep visitors on sites for long time, “Content is the King” which I have also mentioned in above lines. In my view all SEO expert heard about it and surely agree with it. But there are few this phrase is only to be used. Commonly one idea is reported that “Google like good content” and this is absolutely right but there is much more than it.

The high quality written content devour and value reader – have no association with search engine crawling. The quality content is mainly for building relationship and trust with readers and giving them to confidence that the website or page is design to full fill there requirement. Low quality repeated content untie your all node between you and visitor. Sometime same information are required to publish on web for the awareness of respected user. Publishing same content is not a good idea as Google penalize for this activity. What to do now? You need a content spinning tool like WordAi with easily rewrite and also minimize cost.

WordAi (artificial intelligence) is regarded as ‘The smartest article spinner ever created’ having capability to provide unlimited high-quality content by the click on few buttons. This fact sound very interesting but is this valuable for SEO purpose?

If anyone involve in search engine optimization from a long time, you much spun the content without any parameter. Spinning content is really a long, dreadful process, that a very few people like to continue. To over come this problem a new tool known as WordAi comes out of lack which is mainly known for its minimize tedious process of content spinning and cost too. In my view content spinner surely love this tool after first use as it rewrite, spin and provide unique content.

Features And Limitation Of WordAi

An internet marketing personal are very busy in these days in different activity like Keyword research, Content Creation, Link Building, Developing SEO strategies, social media branding and many more. As we known content is the King and a content writer charges very high of a simple content its round about $10 to $50 for 300 to 500 word content. Now all we have WordAi to resolve this issues. From the following section you will get Feature and Limitation of WordAi.

As I have mentioned above WordAi is a tool which help search engine optimizer to spin, rewrite content in a unique method that no other tool has capability to do so yet now. It not only change word with there synonym but spin complete sentence, words, phrases. To provide readable and unique content to the customer with few click developer has coded in such as manner that it can understand basic concept of sentence and word.

Feature Of WordAi

  • Sentence Spinning: This spinner comes with different setting according the user need. You can use its Turning Spinner option to any sentence, gets less unique sentence.
  • Homonyms: By the help of this option user can get those words of the sentence which are spelled exactly but have different meaning.
  • Bulk Spinning: If anySEO want to spin more than one content simultaneously can use this option easily. They have to put all .text files in a zip folder and have to upload.
  • Nested Spinning: If anyone need readable content by considering uniqueness can use this option.
  • Super Unique: This option provide feature not to include original word in spintax, if synonym do not found.
  • Paragraph Spinning: To use this feature user have to turn it ‘ON’ firstly – perfect option if planning for using same spintax many times.
  • Its web base editor provide fast and easy access to the spin tool all the time.
  • It also look for the way of writing an article and on which topic article based on.
  • It always tries to rewrite entire sentence so, that nothing can be common with the original.
  • Its produced ‘Unique Content’ can’t be detected by Google as Spun content.
  • WordAi is much better then the other in terms of producing unique and readable content.
  • Would be beneficial for those who maintain PBN.
  • Minimize cost in content spinning.

Limitation Of WordAi

  • *Decrease the uniqueness of content, as readability increases.
  • *Its response time if long so user get usually annoyed.
  • *By having 2500000 word limitation also create problem with few users.
  • *Provide 3days trial Only.
  • *Charges $3 per 10k spun word if exceed monthly subscription.
  • *Don’t provide provide lifetime subscription for free or paid.


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