Configure Outlook For Your E-mail Marketing Campaign

Microsoft Outlook is one of the leading product of Microsoft for performing different activity related with e-mail and daily activity. Now a day it is being used in e-mail marketing campaign by the number online marketer. Business Contact Manager of Outlook provide the facility of e-mail marketing campaign. By its uses user can target and track customer response related with campaign. By using Business Contact Manager user can create direct mail print, e-mail, telemarketing or printed flyers. Outlook also provide option to track campaign which were used at seminar, conference, or in mass media like TV. Radio.

e-mail marketing campaign

Steps To Create E-mail Marketing Campaign In Outlook

1. Use your outlook for this purpose and then after move to Business Contact Manager menu, after this you have to click on Marketing Campaign, along with New option. Now fill the required details of the marketing campaign.

For completing new marketing campaign use Publisher* or Word* by following given steps.

  • In Publisher, Click on the Create New Marketing Campaign option from Business Contact Manager toolbar.
  • Now in Word, you have to first click on Microsoft Office Button by following Business Contact Manger and Create Marketing Campaign option.

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Note: If marketing campaign has created using another source, Marketing Campaign form automatically get opened.

2. If don’t found General Page on Marketing Campaign form then Click on General.

3. Now move on What is this Marketing Campaign for – Define your marketing campaign in this section such as ‘Title, Heading, Campaign Code, Campaign Type, Budgeted Cost, Start and End date of Campaign and Comment’.

4. After completing above steps you to go with few more option such as “Who will see it, How will they get it and What will they get”.

5. By completing above information you are now ready to launch your Marketing Campaign, simply click on Launch Campaign button.

Be aware that Outlook stores all its data in .pst file which is highly delicate / fragile. This files get corrupted by a single minor single mistake so, be aware while handling working with Outlook.

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Some Of The Major Reason Of .PST File Corruption

  • Improper Handling of Outlook
  • Abrupt System Shutdown
  • Power Failure
  • Unsupported Hardware and Drivers
  • Over size of PST file
  • Malware Attack on PC
  • Improper Closing Of Outlook

There are many more reasons by which your PST files get corrupted which can hamper your e-mail marketing campaign. To resolve corruption issues outlook provides inbuilt tool called Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe but some extent it get failed by deploying error message. So, at this place you need third partly tool like PST Repair Tool. Like to get more information on Outlook PST, PST Error, PST Repair Tool you can visit :-

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