Involvement of Fake Anti-virus program in Black Hat SEO

Management user is touching SCAREWARE on a screen. Three cracked lock icons are highlighted to represent compromised or malicious software code. Computing technology concept and business metaphor.

Before dealing with the topic I like to discuss on some important terms, what is SEO and what are Fake Anti-Viruses. The SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the people who are dealing with it known as Search Engine Optimizer. Actually it’s a process to rank high a website in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). There are two type optimizer i.e white hat and black hat. People who follows the rule, regulations, strategies and technique of Search Engine are commonly known as White hat SEO. On the other hand Black hat SEO violates Search Engine rules and uses number of aggressive technique like keyword stuffing, link farming, invisible text, page swapping, doorways pages etc.

However, Fake anti-viruses are the set of program which mainly developed by cyber criminals for performing other unlawful activity very smoothly. Cyber criminals trick user to download such program to grab valuable money. In recent situation there are thousands of fake anti-virus program which are creating problem to the users. Some of the known Fake Anti-Virus programs are as follows:

  • Antimalware Doctor
  • Antivir Solutions Pro
  • Antivirus GT
  • CleanUp Antivirus
  • SpyDocPro
  • Digital Protection
  • Windows PC Defender
  • XJR Antivirus
  • Spy Eraser
  • Antivirus Protection

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The list do not ends here, it goes long with the time. Cyber criminals uses different trick to spread Fake Anti-virus programs some of them are:

E-mails: Among primary transporter of rogue program e-mails is one of them. Crooks send mails with lucrative subject line such as ‘Bank Statement, Child Report Card, Bill submission etc’ and suggest to download related attachment.

Hijacked websites: It is also one of the favorite threat spreading method of crooks. They mainly hijacked reliable sites and deploy message to deploy associated program PC security which is absolutely fake.

Warning or Alert Pop-up: Crooks design legit looking security windows which claims to update program and thus insert the Fake Anti-virus into the PC. Usually the pop-up appears at the time of web surfing.

In-line text: This one also a new way to spread the Fake Anti-virus in highlighting search term and turning them clickable.

Once the the fake anti-virus get installed or PC get affected by any other ways does modification in all defined setting of the system. The black hat SEO uses helps the cyber criminals to achieve there goal and earn hefty money in short time interval.

A user from Denmark ask this question.

Mit system har fået inficeret af en anti-virus som program. Den er jævnligt viser sikkerhedsadvarsler på mit system. selvom jeg har tjekket min pc, men der er ingen tegn på virus. Hvad skal jeg gøre nu!!! Hvordan man kan løse dette problem?

Here is the solution for fake anti-virus removal.

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