Protect Your Websites From Blackhat SEO

This post will be beneficial for those who have websites. A website is very important part of any organization and an individual. This reflect the identity, purpose, aim and other about the organization and aim. To keep a website protected is very important. These days Blackhat SEO are hijacking less protected sites for there illegal activity. A person which involve in optimizing site by using avoided method of the search engine are considered as a blackhat Search engine optimizer. Websites which are running on web with limited security are usually targeted by the blackhat SEO. Sometime it may be possible that as user access own site and gets irrelevant result with different type of message such as Your site get hijacked, commercial message and other. Sometime victim may notice codes all over the websites and gives no meaning.

Blackhat SEO

Technique Used By  Blackhat SEO

The hackers also uses malware program to hijack sites. There are lots of ways by which the malware are being placed in websites such as code injection, Java script, cross-site scripting, Session Hacking, Parameter Manipulation, Buffer Overflow, SQL injection, Denial Of Service and other. Once the threat comes get into the website creates lots of problem. The site get unavailable to user, content of the site get changed, different type of message also being roam over screen, site may start responding creepy, change in database – either change in data or or deletion of data and lots more. Some of the known threat which put affect on site are RDN/Yahlover.worm!0558BCCAC9FEC, and many other. The threats may change system setting and installed application to create more and more disastrous situation. So, never underestimate the web security importance. Like to get more information on website threat and there removal you can click here…


Necessary Precaution For Website Security

Regular Update: Keep updating your site with new plug-in or update CMS version if available.

Good Password: Use of good password means, it should be longer, complex and unused.

One Site – One Container: Its better idea to use one container for one site.

Sensible User Access: Give permission to the guest in a sensible manner but not complete admin.

Change the Default CMS Setting: Before using CMS application, its required to change the setting.

Extension Selection: Wisely use extension for your website. There are lots of plug-ins, add-ons and Extensions available for the same work, in that case what you do. Use the update one means the author is working on it for further enhancement.

Backup: Keep backup of the files for any misshapen.

Server Configuration File: Keep eye on web server files for website security.

Use Of SSL Certificate: It is also required to install SSL certificate.


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